About Openprovider

We are a wholesaler of Internet services and products with a unique platform from which you can find and manage all the products you need: Domains, new gTLDs, SSL certificates, licenses for Plesk and Virtuozzo, spam filters, and more!

Hosting Concepts B.V.
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We believe that companies need to reinvent themselves regularly.


We invest in our people, our software and our business model.


Our platform, where you can register and manage all domains and other products, and our business model where you can buy domains at cost.

“Openprovider is slowly but surely acquiring more and more accreditations at registries. We are ICANN accredited which not only means we are able to purchase more than 1.000 (new) extensions (gTLDs) such as .com, .net and .xyz directly through the registry, but are also well insured, meet certain financial requirements and have all of our technical affairs sorted out.

We also have accreditations with almost 100 ccTLDs (country code domains) and we are investing in continuously connecting to new registries. Thus we have secured the reason of existence of the wholesale: we have contact with all of the suppliers and in turn our customers have only one contact and that is with us.”

Arno Vis, CEO of Openprovider, in his blog post The “why” of Openprovider

“Openprovider is focussed on the long-term. Software development will remain the main objective in our focus: we enjoy that, but it is also a necessity. The market is changing rapidly and to continue giving value to our customers we must continue to develop.

As mentioned above, we do not add much extra value to domain names. Additionally, we find that many registries of domain names make too much profit which actually belongs to the customer. These two reasons have led us to transition to a new business model:

We charge a subscription fee to use our software platform and do not charge any margin on the domain names.

Arno Vis, CEO of Openprovider, in his blog post The “why” of Openprovider

Be a wolf not a sheeeeep

Be a wolf, not a sheep.

At Openprovider we are leaders, not followers. We value and we promote the entrepreneurial spirit of each individual in our organisation. This helps us to provide creative and innovative solutions that add value to our clients’ businesses, to shape the market rather than follow the current.

Do what you enjoy & enjoy what you do

Do what you enjoy and enjoy what you do.

Over 10 years of growth and success are the result of our creativity, curiosity, intelligence and passion for what we do. We enjoy it and this is reflected in the long-term commitment to our employees, and satisfaction for ourselves and our customers.

Quality results in quantity

Quality results in quantity.

At Openprovider we don’t accept less than 100% integrity in our trade agreements. Quality, reliability, integrity and commitment are the values ​​which we live. An agreement is an agreement. We are committed to the highest standards of professionalism and act firmly, both internally with our suppliers and partners, and with our customers: building long and fruitful relationships with them.

knowledge = power

Knowledge is power.

Openprovider is in the internet industry to innovate and go a step ahead of market trends. For this we need information and knowledge, both of the industry and our customers. This allows us to provide tools and updates to help our customers find solutions for their needs.

The Team.

At Openprovider we enjoy working with our teammates and we challenge each other everyday. This company culture makes us stronger individually and we also come stronger as a team. We encourage innovation, sharing ideas and a get together approach to achieve the best deals, journey and experience for our customers: the commitment we have with them starts with the trust we build among our colleagues, and that makes us invincible as a team.

Our History

Openprovider is a technology-based company providing internet services. Originating in Rotterdam, Netherlands, it was founded in 2004 under the company HOSTING CONCEPTS BV, which arose due to vertical growth as a provider services company for the hosting industry.

Its main product is an automated platform on which customers can purchase and manage essential products and services: domains, SSL certificates, licenses for Plesk and Virtuozzo, spam filters, and others. It seeks to be the single wholesale supplier for the main distributors of the Internet industry.