Openprovider Testimonials

The opinion that our customers have of us motivates us to continuously improve our work. Our commitment is to better our quality and professional service.

Success Stories

Stories from some of the 2000+ successful Openprovider’s clients.

CDMON is one of our ‘Supreme” members. This is one of the most popular Hosting companies in Spain, so membership model fits them perfectly.

” Openprovider is a close provider who speaks our language and offers a flat rate prices on their products, which can offer competitive prices to our customers, and saves us the cost for each extension accredit domain. We consider an important step in our commitment to the future partner. ”

Jacinto Garcia 
Product Domain Owner of CDMON acquired licenses acquired with Openprovider before Odin (Parallels). Thus it optimized its resources and cut its costs through a single control panel and a more competitive price.

“Working with Openprovider allows us to unify and streamline licensing recruitment, reducing costs at the same time. And all this with a personalized and close attention. The products and services of Openprovider are ideal for customers, expanding and complementing the features of our platform. “

Xavier Trilla
CEO of and SiliconHosting

“In 2011 we had our domains registered somewhere else and by that time for every change we had to send an e-mail or create a ticket. I came across Openprovider and found out about not only the client area but also the API. Having the prices only 30% of what we paid before was an extra reason to start the transfer. Thanks for providing us with your services for the last almost 10 years and thanks for being our client. We are giving our best to grow your company even further.”

Arjan Schollaart