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    Valid until
    .best $7.18 01/31/2019
    .scot GBP10,12 01/31/2019
    .sc $50.00 03/31/2019
    .homes $8.18 04/14/2019
    .xyz $3.00 04/30/2019
    .bible $50.18 04/30/2019
    .icu $0.68 05/31/2019
    .srl, .ltda $2.18 06/30/2019
    .archi, .bio, .black, .green, .lgbt, .organic, .poker, .ski, .vote, .voto $10.13 06/30/2019
    .blue, .kim, .mobi, .pet, .pink, .pro, .promo, .red $3.13 06/30/2019
    .blog $5.18 06/30/2019
    .info $2.16 06/30/2019
    .eu, .ею €1.75 12/31/2019
    .me €5.00 12/31/2019
    .top CNY 8.55 12/31/2019
    .shop $6.18 12/31/2019

    The promotional prices are valid only for new 1-year registrations and do not apply to multi-year registrations, transfers and renewals.