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Contact our support department using the form on this page. For more information about the availability of our support team, please visit our Knowledge Base. Here, you can also find answers to many questions.


New contact type: abuse

In our ongoing efforts to improve the communication channels within the Openprovider platform, we have released a new contact type that can optionally be added to your reseller account: the abuse contact, which will be used to inform you about any complaint or legal inquiry on one of your domain names.

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knowledge base

Improvements to our Knowledge Base

Regular users will already have noticed that we have drastically changed the look of our Knowledge Base. Not only did we improve the readability by changing font and colors, we also improved the search bar so that you can find your topics quicker, and added an automatic translation.

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Plesk 12.x

Plesk 12.x reached end of life (EOL)

Plesk 12.x versions reached EOL on January 1, 2019. Starting from this date, Plesk 12.x versions will no longer be actively developed, and technical support requests for Plesk 12.x will no longer be accepted. It is strongly recommended that Plesk servers be upgraded to version 17.x (Onyx).

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