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Openprovider is an ICANN-accredited domain registrar and technology company founded in 2004 in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

World renowned reporter Tommy ‘Tomato’ Boloni interviewed Rocky ‘Banana’ Jenkins and got the scoop on how Openprovider came to exist, the obstacles the company faced along the way and the end goal it strives to achieve.

Tommy ‘Tomato’ Boloni
Journalist at Fruity News

Thanks for taking the time for this interview Rocky! We’re all looking forward to hearing about your journey ever since you fell off the banana plant. How did everything start?

Rocky ‘Banana’ Jenkins
Openprovider Mascot

Initially, our CEO Arno Vis owned a hosting provider business (HOSTING CONCEPTS BV) which experienced great vertical growth and led to the birth of a new company: Openprovider.
Back then, the landscape was quite different and there was hardly any competition, so the main existing wholesalers monopolized the market and greatly overcharged their customers for their new domains.

Tommy ‘Tomato’ Boloni
Journalist at Fruity News

Fruit life, huh! Don’t you just hate it when that happens? I’m guessing it must have been quite the challenge to find your place in such a ‘shark-eat-shark’ market! How did you manage it?

Rocky ‘Banana’ Jenkins
Openprovider Mascot

Well, over 20 years as an entrepreneur had given Arno enough experience to know that he didn’t want to play that game, so he didn’t. Clients should be at the core of any business and are the reason we manage to exist.
So Arno broke the mold and decided to drastically reduce the net profit that he could get, in order to build long-lasting relationships with his clients. That’s what Openprovider is all about, growing with our clients, from the present and into the future.

Tommy ‘Tomato’ Boloni
Journalist at Fruity News

Wow! I love it. ‘Growing with your clients, from the present and into the future’, what a statement! You must be so proud to be here today.

Rocky ‘Banana’ Jenkins
Openprovider Mascot

Thanks Tommy. Yes, I am very proud of all the milestones we’ve accomplished over the past 16 years. We have come a long way and now our goal is to be the go-to wholesaler for the main distributors of the internet industry!
And now, with a special thank you to Tommy ‘Tomato’ Boloni and Rocky ‘Banana’ Jenkins, we’d like to share a few the words from our CEO, Arno Vis.

Arno Vis, CEO of Openprovider

Openprovider wants to be a leader and not a follower. We know that what worked yesterday will not be good enough tomorrow, so we strive to continuously improve and differentiate ourselves from the competition. Most competitors stop investing in their platforms as soon as they are set up and ready to go. However, we will never stop searching for ways to improve and constantly tweaking and fine tuning ours to be the absolute best. We want to be a worldwide leader in the domain industry and won’t stop until we achieve our goal!

Another thing that is in our DNA is automating business processes. Whether it is in support, sales, development or finance, we always try to automate routine manual processes. For example, 90% of abuse is handled by our robots and the ordering process for SSL certificates is automatic, which led to a saving of 75% in support costs.

And that’s not all we can be proud of! We have a unique way of dealing with abuse-related issues. In our industry it’s very common to simply push abusive customers away, however that will not make internet a better place, and they will just go on doing the same at other registrars.

At Openprovider, we go one step further and tackle the problem at its root by using AI and Machine Learning to build preventive solutions.We use data to build algorithm-driven self-learning solutions and fight internet crime proactively, before it even has a chance to surface.

Now I’d like to talk about our membership-based business model. It has drastically evolved since 2010, when PCextreme made history by being our first client to become a member! At the time we only had one type of membership and it was reserved for big clients; however, we realised that that was just not good enough and introduced the whole range of memberships we have today.

We’ve come a long way, but standing still as we head into the future just won’t cut it! That’s why we continue evolving and improving, from finding ways to help our clients with end-user support and growing with them from the very beginning to adding more and more new products to our platform (anycast DNS, EastDMARC, and so many more are already on our roadmap).

The future looks bright and our doors are always OPEN. We look forward to welcoming you to the Openprovider family!’.

Our Core Values


Not a sheep

Be proactive.
Be transparent.
Be self-motivated.


= Power

Be curious.
Intuition is great, data is king.
Constant learning is crucial.


Together Everyone
Achieves More

Successes and failures
are celebrated together.


= Quantity

Be methodical, focused 
and systematic.
Mediocrity is unacceptable.
Be self-critical and humble.
Always strive to become the best version of yourself.


what you do and
do what you enjoy

A good 
work-life balance is essential.
Automate as many routine 
tasks as you can.
Avoid micromanagement.

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