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We have a commitment with every one of our resellers to offer them the very best products and services in the industry.

Here’s what some of our long-time clients have to say about us!

Success stories

Jacinto Garcia
Product Domain Owner at CDMON

Openprovider is a friendly domain provider that speaks our language and offers flat rate prices on their products, which allows us to offer competitive prices to our customers, and saves us the cost for registering each domain extension.

CDMON is one of the biggest hosting companies in Spain and are getting the most out of our ‘Supreme’ membership plan.

Xavier Trilla
CEO of Cloudi.ng and SiliconHosting

Working at Openprovider has allowed us to unify and streamline licensing provisioning and reduce costs at the same time. Their customer support team handled everything smoothly and attentively. Openprovider’s products and services are ideal for Cloudi.ng’s customers, expanding and complementing the offer we have available on our platform.

Cloudi.ng had their domain portfolio all over the place, so we helped them bring it over to Openprovider with our transfer robots. Our prices and easy-to-use control panel were just the cherry on the cake!

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