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Contact our support department using the form on this page. For more information about the availability of our support team, please visit our Knowledge Base. Here, you can also find answers to many questions.


Job description

At Openprovider we love IT in everything we do. Our why reflects this: Do what you enjoy, and we automate the rest! Customers notice this by giving us high grades & long-term partnerships. In the past years we have been growing significantly year on year becoming one of the largest domain & SSL wholesalers in Europe. We offer a one-stop-shop solution to resellers for the management of their domains, SSL certificates, Plesk licenses and more at cost price. Innovation is key, that’s why we collect customer feedback and keep on innovating our platform. We also develop our own AI/Machine Learning software for more efficiency in managing our financial processes and customer related processes. We help our customers to compete in the market, differentiate and grow their sales. We like being disruptive, challenging the status quo.

Copywriter at Openprovider should create and edit blog posts, social media posts, emails for customers, newsletters and other commercial text material in order to increase sales, attract more traffic, engage and inform our existing and future customers.

Mission: Generate new subscription volume, highest gross response. Generate readable and engaging industry related articles, help position Openprovider as an expert of the industry through content marketing. Align all communication channels with our existing and future customers in one style.


  • – Provide 2 articles for Openprovider per week;
  • – Help with the message for social media and email campaigns;
  • – Together with the Product Management and Marketing teams create message for landing pages for promotions;
  • – Constantly analyze OP homepage message so that it’s simple, clear, updated and sellable;
  • – Create on the request white papers and review presentations for OP products and solutions;


  • – Accurate writing skills: as a copywrite you need to have refined writing skills and working constantly on improving them and adjusting to our customers’ language.
  • – Research skills: as a copywriter you need to know how to do the right research of each topic, identify trendy topics and create a better content out of the information found on the internet;
  • – Critical thinking skills: be critical on everything you read and also write articles which can generate some feeling of criticism in a positive way in order to engage the audience.
  • – Curiosity skills: be curious in what is happening in the industry, how our competitors position themselves and what they are talking about in order to be able to generate up to date content;
  • – Creativity skills: be able to create something new even if it’s old.

Main KPIs:

Copywriter should be data driven, creative and focused on: Pre-publishing KPIs and Post-publishing KPIs

  • – Pre-publishing KPIs are:

Readability score and SEO score: make sure to check all longreads and articles on a readability score and SEO score so that it’s not lower than 80%. Use necessary wordpress plugins and tools for that;

  • – Post-publishing KPIs are:
    1. Traffic: analyze the volume of traffic which every article generates;
    2. Click Rate: analyze how many people clicked on the article link;
    3. Social shares: analyze the number of social shares;
    4. Engagement: track which article caused more feedback and comments and analyze the reason for that;
    5. Conversion rate: analyze how many sales and subscriptions brought each article;

Our BHAG to keep in mind always.

  • – 500 Supreme deals in 2023 or equivalent in smaller deals
  • – with an average of 50.000 domains per Supreme deal this means 25 million domain names
  • – This equates roughly to 10% market share world wide and 30% marketshare in our main markets: Benelux and Spain (now also India and Russia)
  • – Since we charge 10000 euro per Supreme deal and we aim to save at least 2 euro per euro spent at us by a Supreme customer we can say that we will save 10 million a year annually for our customers.

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