Tick every box

Domain Partner
Selection Checklist

Have you been a reseller in the domain industry
for some time now or are you just starting out
and want to grow your business?

Make sure you are with the ideal domain partner
by going through this checklist and ticking every single box!

Key Takeaways

This Domain Partner Selection
Checklist includes:

A 10-point checklist

Over 16 years of experience in the domain industry have given us the knowledge and the information necessary to know your main concerns and the main difficulties you face as a domain reseller when working with any given registrar.

A benchmark table

The best way to evaluate all the alternatives out there and compare them to our offer is through a visual representation! That’s why we’ve done some research and created a table, making it easy for you to see what a reseller-oriented registrar should look like.

The road to success

At Openprovider we truly believe that we check all the boxes and can provide the products, services and experience that you need to make a name for yourself as a domain reseller. Hear us out, try us out and decide for yourself!

Find the ideal Registrar to work with!

You may be missing out on tons of opportunities, overpaying or simply stunting your own growth by sticking with the wrong domain partner.

Read our Domain Partner Selection Checklist and make sure the registrar you choose ticks all the boxes!