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40% discount for 1 year .com registrations in June!

Discount levelRegistrationRenewalTransfer
Basic, Pro, Expert and Supreme Membership$8.05 $5.99 $8.05$8.05
Gold partner$8.75$8.95$8.75
Silver partner$8.95$9.45$8.95
Bronze partner$8.95$10.95$8.95
Tier 5$8.95$10.95$8.95
Tier 4$8.95$10.95$8.95
Tier 3$8.95$11.95$8.95
Tier 2$8.95$12.95$8.95
Tier 1$8.95$14.95$8.95

All prices are subject to VAT. The cost of renewal and registration is indicated for a period of 1 year.

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