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The days of slow, costly and inefficient domain transfers are over! Now you decide when and how to move your portfolio. Ready to join the revolution?

Not sure if this is the way to go for your business?

We understand you have your doubts, and that’s why we’re here to help!
Our team of transfer specialists are available to answer any questions or concerns that you may have!

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Want to earn more, be more efficient and decrease potential business risks? In this video we explain why consolidating your portfolio is a smart move!

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Clients Spoken

What do you gain by transferring your domains to OpenProvider?

  • Top domains at cost price
  • Up to 1900 domain extensions
  • Free WHMCS and Blesta integration
  • Full-featured API for more advanced clients with custom panels
  • Top-notch support services
  • All-in-one reseller control panel
  • Automated and scheduled domain transfers
  • One year of domain renewal on domain transfer (gTLDs)

Frequently Asked Question

Knowledge is Power. Still have questions about our domain transfer process? Here are the answers you’ve been looking for!

Do you support registry bulk transfers (SIDN, EURid, etc.)?

Yes! We can arrange registry bulk transfers for a lot of extensions. A short summary of the options available can be found here.

Do you offer a transfer service?

There are several transfer methods available to help consolidate your domain portfolio under the Openprovider umbrella. Our sales team will be happy to explain the automated transfer methods we have developed to make this process as easy as possible!

What happens to a domain's expiration date after a transfer?

There are 3 possible outcomes regarding what happens to a domain’s expiration date after a successful transfer, depending on its extension (TLD). Get more information here.

Is it possible to schedule a transfer for a future date?

Of course it’s possible! You can schedule domain transfers for future dates via your control panel, with our API or through one of our automated transfer services! Visit this page for more information.

Do we need to request transfer codes for the domains you manage for us?

No! The codes for the domains can be found and can even be reset through your control panel. It is not necessary to create a support ticket for it.

Can I transfer a domain that is currently in quarantaine somewhere else to Openprovider?

Some extensions like .nl, .be and .eu can still be transferred, even when their associated domains have already expired on their current registrar. This service may have a different price than a normal restore. Our support and sales departments can tell you more about it!