Our advantages

Why transfer to Openprovider?

Transfer experts

  • After more than 16 years in the domain business, we have over 300 .nl bulk transfers under our belt.
  • You pay what we pay for domain transfers, not a penny more!
  • We help you inform your customers and provide automated tools to do it.
  • You remain your customers’ only point of contact.


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We automate everything

  • We automate the transfer lock and authorization code check.
  • We ensure that the communication about the transfer is sent in your name, in your language of choice.
  • We verify if all the needed information to create a user handle is available.
  • Check the status of every domain transfer, and follow up on next steps through our API or control panel.

Transfer now

Smart advice, smart choices 

  • You’re in total control of your relationship with customers. We will never contact them on your behalf.
  • We plan and automate scheduled transfers by spreading them out to save you from facing big one-time payments.
  • Our webinar ‘How to Succeed as a Domain Reseller’ explains why consolidating your domain portfolio is so important.

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No actions are required from end-users for robot transfers

It all starts here

How to transfer your domains

1. Select your destination

Your journey starts here! Choose all the domains you want to transfer, double-check that they meet all the requirements and add them to our transfer robots.

2. Fasten your seat belt

Prepare contact and domain data through our easy-to-use transfer platform. Get your authorization codes and set your transfer dates. Everything ready? Let’s go!

3. Hit the road

Complete your payment and cross the finish line, your domain transfer will start on the chosen date. Now turn on some music and relax, we’ll take care of everything.


Behind the scenes

Here’s a breakdown of the process for multiple domain transfers!

Choose what domains to transfer

Select the domains you want to transfer, check that everything is ready and proceed.

Specify new owner and fill in essential info

Select or create a new domain owner, enter all the contact details and fill in all the requested information.

Enter authorization codes and transfer!

Add the authorization codes and transfer dates for your domains. Once that’s done, the transfer will be underway!

The choice is yours

Transfer options

Regular Transfer

Regular single and bulk transfer procedure.

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Transfer with CSV

Transfer domains with different sets of details.

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Robot Transfer

Automatically transfer domains from popular providers.

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We’re here to help

Frequently Asked Questions

Knowledge is power

Do you support registry bulk transfers (SIDN, EURid, etc.)?

Yes! We can arrange registry bulk transfers for a lot of extensions. A short summary of the options available can be found here.

Do you offer a transfer service?

There are several transfer methods available to help consolidate your domain portfolio under the Openprovider umbrella. Our sales team will be happy to explain the automated transfer methods we have developed to make this process as easy as possible!

What happens to a domain's expiration date after a transfer?

There are 3 possible outcomes regarding what happens to a domain’s expiration date after a successful transfer, depending on its extension (TLD). Get more information here.

Is it possible to schedule a transfer for a future date?

Of course it’s possible! You can schedule domain transfers for future dates via your control panel, with our API or through one of our automated transfer services! Visit this page for more information.

Do we need to request transfer codes for the domains you manage for us?

No! The codes for the domains can be found and can even be reset through your control panel. It is not necessary to create a support ticket for it.

Can I transfer a domain that is currently in quarantaine somewhere else to Openprovider?

Some extensions like .nl, .be and .eu can still be transferred, even when their associated domains have already expired on their current registrar. This service may have a different price than a normal restore. Our support and sales departments can tell you more about it!