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Reach your audience with ease

Every one of our marketing kits includes:

Compelling and engaging copy to attract your audience

High quality images to promote your domains in style

Fully customizable files in 3 languages to adapt to your needs


Why become a member?

Over 8,000 resellers already trust us and have access to our marketing kits!

Domains at cost price and exclusive discounts

You pay what we pay for top domains and get exclusive discounts for other relevant products (SSL certificates, Plesk, and Spam Experts).

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How to activate

The secret formula to growth

After downloading the marketing kit bundle, all you need to do is follow these 3 simple steps:

1. Download and open the marketing kit .zip file

2. Use the creative you want to start an ad campaign or social media post

3. Sit back and watch your business grow

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I choose what domain extensions I get marketing kits for?

We have made sure to include the top 5 TLDs on the market so you don’t need to worry about a thing.

What folders are included in the marketing kits?

You will find 6 folders: ‘1’, ‘2’, ‘Design Template 1’, ‘Design Template 2’, ‘Logo’ and ‘Stock Photos’.

Will I get the TLD logo?

Yes, it’s included in the .zip file in the ‘logo’ folder.

What languages are the marketing kits available in?

In order to help you reach all your target markets, the marketing kits are available in Spanish, English and Dutch.

If I don’t like the stock photo, can I change it for a different one?

Yes, we have provided different high quality stock photos for you to choose from.

What will I find in folders ‘1’ and ‘2’?

They include two different versions of the marketing kit with ultra high resolution images in 3 different languages.

Do the kits include creative banners of different sizes?

Both ‘design template’ folders include 3 different banners (horizontal, vertical and squared) to fit the most common ad spaces.

What format are the files included and how can I open them?

The files included are .JPEG for the finalised images and .PSD (photoshop files) for editable ones.

If I upgrade my membership plan, will I receive a new bundle of marketing kits?

Yes, if you upgrade from a Basic membership to Pro, for example, you will receive a bundle with 5 additional marketing kits.