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    New gTLDs in your own language

    GlobeIt feels a bit weird to write this blog post in English as it is about all new gTLDs except the English ones… luckily we have many German, French, Italian and even Chinese customers reading this English blog, and that is exactly the intended audience. But do not close this page right away if you are English speaking: it might still be useful to your clients!

    The almost 700 new gTLDs might look like a big mess if you look at a full list of it. Structuring them in categories is a good method to find your way more easily. One of the things we learned from the conversations with our (non-English) customers is that some of them do not pay attention to the new gTLDs as “it is all aimed at the English market”.

    Partially that’s true, especially when looking at the generic terms. But hidden in the long lists, there are many local extensions which you can monetize. There are also many English terms that are so generic, that they are used worldwide.

    Looking at the breakdown per country, indeed there are several ‘local’ extensions in the top 10. I ran through all of the extensions and mapped each one to a language. Although not all extensions are available for registration yet, you will see that each language comes with many opportunities!

    The extensions are grouped by geographical or generic, and the bold ones are the extensions that are in the respective country’s top 10. Extensions that did not yet start their launch phases are marked in italic font.

    New gTLDs in your own language
    Language Extensions
    German Geographical: .bayern, .berlin, .hamburg, .koeln, .nrw, .ruhr, .saarland, .swiss, .tirol, .wien

    Generic: .auto, .baby, .gmbh, .haus, .immo, .immobilien,.kaufen, .land, .partners, .reise, .reisen, .sport, .tips, .versicherung

    French Geographical: .alsace, .aquitaine, .bzh, .corsica, .paris

    Generic: .art, .boutique, .coupons, .education, .expert, .international, .maison, .sarl, .solutions, .tour, .tours, .villas, .vin, .voyage

    Italian Generic: .casa, .data, .guru, .srl, .uno, .voto
    Spanish Geographical: .barcelona, .eus, .gal, .madrid, .lat

    Generic: .abogado, .casa, .digital, .futbol, .gratis, .guru,.hospital, .juegos, .latino, .red, .soy, .srl, .tienda, .uno, .viajes, .villas, .voto

    Dutch Geographical: .amsterdam, .brussels, .frl, .gent, .vlaanderen

    Generic: .accountants, .auto, .baby, .bom, .contact,.coupons, .cruises, .data, .expert, .gift, .gratis, .help, .land, .lol, .luxe, .moe, .partners, .red, .school, .sport,.tips, .top, .training, .villas

    Portuguese Generic: .bom, .casa, .data, .guru, .hospital, .voto
    Japanese Geographical: .kyoto, .moe, .nagoya, .okinawa, .osaka, .ryukyu, .tokyo, .yokohama

    Generic: .コム, .みんな

    Chinese Geographical: .佛山., 广东

    Generic: .wang, .weibo, .世界, .中文网, .企业, .信息, .八卦, .公司, .公益, .商城, .商店, .商标, .在线, .大拿, .娱乐, .慈善, .我爱你, .手机, .政府, .新闻, .机构, .游戏, .点看, .移动, .网址, .网店, .网站, .网络, .购物, .集团, .餐厅

    Russian Geographical: .moscow, .tatar, .москва

    Generic: .дети, .ком, .онлайн, .орг, .рус, .сайт

    Arabic Generic: .بازار, .شبكة, .عرب, .كوم, .موقع, .همراه
    Generics .audio, .band, .bar, .bio, .cafe, .camera, .casino, .club, .cool, .design, .eco, .fan, .film, .fit, .fitness, .game, .hotel, .marketing, .menu, .online, .pizza, .poker, .pub, .radio, .services, .show, .support, .theater, .tickets, .video

    I left out the most obvious internet-based TLDs such as .app, .website and .email.

    Of course, you can find these and all other new extensions on our new gTLD overview page. Click on a certain extension and find all available details.

    Grab this opportunity

    If you have not yet started selling the new gTLDs to your customers, or you have but you think you can do better, try to focus: do not just put all of them on a big pile, but cherry-pick the ones that your customers are likely to want and need. We cannot do so for you, as we do not know your customers as well as you do. We can help you in it though, for example by the above breakdown.

    Use ‘language’ as a unique selling point to monetize the new gTLDs!

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