whois-privacyWPP or Whois Privacy Protection is a service that Openprovider now offers publicly to all its customer base. Enabling WPP on the domain disguises your identity and provides proxy contact information in the Whois. Registries oblige registrars to provide valid contact information for all registered domains, so it is accessible worldwide. WPP provides valid contact information that satisfies the international requirements without exposing your personal contact information and protects domain owner from spam. With WPP enabled your domain is hidden behind Whois Privacy Protection Foundation, which accepts e-mails to domain owners on info@privacyprotected.domains e-mail address. Every e-mail is auto-replied with a link to online form that allows to contact domain owner.
This feature is now available for almost all gTLDs & nTLDs and few ccTLDs (like .nl & .me). Service is available from 50 euro cents per domain per year. The lowest price applies for all customers with active membership plan.
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