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Price increases Uniregistry

Registry Uniregistry has announced price changes for 16 of its extensions. Those price changes will be effective as from the 8th of September 2017 and will apply to new registrations, transfers and renewals.

If you register, transfer or renew your domain before the 8th of September, then you will pay the current, lower fee. You can secure a domain for up to 10 years and save a lot of money by doing so. This might also be the perfect moment to promote those extensions with your customers, of course with a multi-year offer!

The new prices that will apply as from the 8th of September for our New gTLD Members are summarised in the table below. The new tier prices will be visible in the Openprovider control panel as from that date.

[pricing_table] [pricing_column title=”Extension”] [pricing_row].audio[/pricing_row] [pricing_row].blackfriday[/pricing_row] [pricing_row].christmas[/pricing_row] [pricing_row].click[/pricing_row] [pricing_row].diet[/pricing_row] [pricing_row].flowers[/pricing_row] [pricing_row].guitars[/pricing_row] [pricing_row].help[/pricing_row] [pricing_row].hiphop[/pricing_row] [pricing_row].hosting[/pricing_row] [pricing_row].juegos[/pricing_row] [pricing_row].link[/pricing_row] [pricing_row].pics[/pricing_row] [pricing_row].property[/pricing_row] [pricing_row].sexy[/pricing_row] [pricing_row].tattoo[/pricing_row] [/pricing_column] [pricing_column title=”Old price”] [pricing_row]$ 9,51[/pricing_row] [pricing_row]$ 26,85[/pricing_row] [pricing_row]$ 20,18[/pricing_row] [pricing_row]$ 4,85[/pricing_row] [pricing_row]$ 13,51[/pricing_row] [pricing_row]$ 17,85[/pricing_row] [pricing_row]$ 20,18[/pricing_row] [pricing_row]$ 13,51[/pricing_row] [pricing_row]$ 13,51[/pricing_row] [pricing_row]$ 20,18[/pricing_row] [pricing_row]$ 9,51[/pricing_row] [pricing_row]$ 6,85[/pricing_row] [pricing_row]$ 13,51[/pricing_row] [pricing_row]$ 20,18[/pricing_row] [pricing_row]$ 13,51[/pricing_row] [pricing_row]$ 20,18[/pricing_row] [/pricing_column] [pricing_column title=”New price” type=”featured”] [pricing_row]$ 100,18[/pricing_row] [pricing_row]$ 100,18[/pricing_row] [pricing_row]$ 50,18[/pricing_row] [pricing_row]$ 7,18[/pricing_row] [pricing_row]$ 100,18[/pricing_row] [pricing_row]$ 100,18[/pricing_row] [pricing_row]$ 100,18[/pricing_row] [pricing_row]$ 20,18[/pricing_row] [pricing_row]$ 100,18[/pricing_row] [pricing_row]$ 300,18[/pricing_row] [pricing_row]$ 300,18[/pricing_row] [pricing_row]$ 7,18[/pricing_row] [pricing_row]$ 20,18[/pricing_row] [pricing_row]$ 100,18[/pricing_row] [pricing_row]$ 40,18[/pricing_row] [pricing_row]$ 30,18[/pricing_row] [/pricing_column] [/pricing_table]

The prices of the other Uniregistry extensions (.game, .gift, .lol, .mom en .photo) do not change.

Other price changes

Apart from those Uniregistry price changes, a couple of other price changes have been scheduled including those for .biz (6th of March) and .info (1st of July). Click the links for the other scheduled changes.

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