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Upcoming price increases .no and .bm; change in price increases Uniregistry

The following registries have announced price increases in their extensions:

  • Norid (.no) has revised the tax regulation around domains, causing 25% VAT to be added on each .no domain. On the 1st of July 2017, the Member price increases to NOK 125.00. All tier prices will increase with NOK 27.00.
  • BermudaNIC (.bm) has increased its prices on very short notice. With immediate effect, the Member price for new registrations and trades is EUR 109.00; the Member price for transfers and renewals is EUR 69.00. This price increase affects .bm and the second level domains, and

The following price changes have been announced before and will be effective soon:

  • Afilias (.info) will increase the price of its .info extension on the 1st of July 2017 with $0.89. We will change our Member and Tier prices with the same amount. The new Member price will be USD 10.07. This price is valid for new registrations, transfers and renewals. The price for other transactions remains unchanged.
  • (.ru and .рф) will increase its prices on the 1st of July 2017 for the first time in 10 years. The new Member price for .ru- and .рф domains will be RUB 141.60. All tier prices will increase with RUB 60.00.

Earlier, registry Uniregistry announced a series of price increases, effective from the 8th of September 2017. After consultation with its registrars, Uniregistry has decided to reduce the price increase on .christmas and .sexy, and to apply the changes in the highest tiers ($100 and $300) only on new registrations. In other words, registrants of domains registered before the 8th of September 2017 will continue paying the current, lower price. The following table shows the latest prices:

[pricing_table] [pricing_column title=”Extension”] [pricing_row].audio[/pricing_row] [pricing_row].blackfriday[/pricing_row] [pricing_row].christmas[/pricing_row] [pricing_row].click[/pricing_row] [pricing_row].diet[/pricing_row] [pricing_row].flowers[/pricing_row] [pricing_row].guitars[/pricing_row] [pricing_row].help[/pricing_row] [pricing_row].hiphop[/pricing_row] [pricing_row].hosting[/pricing_row] [pricing_row].juegos[/pricing_row] [pricing_row].link[/pricing_row] [pricing_row].pics[/pricing_row] [pricing_row].property[/pricing_row] [pricing_row].sexy[/pricing_row] [pricing_row].tattoo[/pricing_row] [/pricing_column] [pricing_column title=”Old price”] [pricing_row]$ 9,51[/pricing_row] [pricing_row]$ 26,85[/pricing_row] [pricing_row]$ 20,18[/pricing_row] [pricing_row]$ 4,85[/pricing_row] [pricing_row]$ 13,51[/pricing_row] [pricing_row]$ 17,85[/pricing_row] [pricing_row]$ 20,18[/pricing_row] [pricing_row]$ 13,51[/pricing_row] [pricing_row]$ 13,51[/pricing_row] [pricing_row]$ 20,18[/pricing_row] [pricing_row]$ 9,51[/pricing_row] [pricing_row]$ 6,85[/pricing_row] [pricing_row]$ 13,51[/pricing_row] [pricing_row]$ 20,18[/pricing_row] [pricing_row]$ 13,51[/pricing_row] [pricing_row]$ 20,18[/pricing_row] [/pricing_column] [pricing_column title=”New price” type=”featured”] [pricing_row]$ 100,18*[/pricing_row] [pricing_row]$ 100,18*[/pricing_row] [pricing_row]$ 30,18[/pricing_row] [pricing_row]$ 7,18[/pricing_row] [pricing_row]$ 100,18*[/pricing_row] [pricing_row]$ 100,18*[/pricing_row] [pricing_row]$ 100,18*[/pricing_row] [pricing_row]$ 20,18[/pricing_row] [pricing_row]$ 100,18*[/pricing_row] [pricing_row]$ 300,18*[/pricing_row] [pricing_row]$ 300,18*[/pricing_row] [pricing_row]$ 7,18[/pricing_row] [pricing_row]$ 20,18[/pricing_row] [pricing_row]$ 100,18*[/pricing_row] [pricing_row]$ 25,18[/pricing_row] [pricing_row]$ 30,18[/pricing_row] [/pricing_column] [/pricing_table]

* Domains in this extension, that are registered before the 8th of September 2017, will renew and transfer at their original, lower price.

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