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Contact our support department using the form on this page. For more information about the availability of our support team, please visit our Knowledge Base. Here, you can also find answers to many questions.

    Newsletter – June 2020

    Summer is on!

    Good news! Summer is here and some countries have begun to reopen their borders! Traveling might still be restricted for many of us, but having a nice temperature and sunny days makes everything better 🙂

    In the meantime, check out our June Newsletter! Enjoy!

    Webinars and our Openprovider online bar!

    With the launch of our Online Openprovider Bar, we have hosted several webinars and online games, including SIDN quiz, with awesome prizes such as smartwatches, headphones and more!

    Learn more about the upcoming webinars and online games, click below and join our online bar!

    The new design of our Reseller Control Panel is almost ready. Do you want to beta-test it?

    In our January 2020 webinar about Openprovider 2020 roadmap, we mentioned one of the changes we have planned for this year – the redesign of our RCP’s look & feel.  It is one of many steps in our journey towards bringing the best solutions to the problems our resellers have. And we would be glad to hear your feedback on the way! So, if you are curious and want to share your experience, please  fill in this simple form and we will send you an invite to beta-test our modernized RCP as soon as it is released.

    Password policy update

    For security reasons, Openprovider requires each user to change its password regularly. From now on, this is no longer necessary if the user has 2-factor authentication enabled.

    This is particularly useful for API users, who at this moment are still tied to the standard user model. A password change would require a change in your applications, using the Openprovider API, as well. If you enable 2-factor authentication on such a user, no password changes are required anymore.

    The second factor is not required for use of the API. Of course, you should configure your API to use a hash value instead of the plain text password and enable IP whitelisting for optimal security. See our blog post for more information. You can easily enable 2-factor authentication for your user through the Openprovider control panel.

    Fair Use Policy extended with DNS

    In order to keep our system available to everyone and minimise risks of unavailability, we have a Fair Use Policy available. We have now added information about our DNS service to this document.

    The new section writes down the undocumented rules that we already follow for many years. It provides clarity about how we intend to offer this free service to all our customers. You can find the new version of our Fair Use Policy, which includes a couple of other clarifications as well, on our website.  Here is the link to PDF for the changes.

    EURid quiz game

    Join us on June 26 at our Openprovider Bar to play the quiz game organized by EURid and to win awesome prizes! We will provide you with the link and the code to join our game at Openprovider Bar!
    Top 3 participants will receive exclusive goodie bags that contain:

    • – The environmentally friendly cotton shopper bag itself.
    • – A plantable pencil
    • – A USB stick

    Updates to the new gTLDs


    • 1 July 2020: .cpa
    • 1 July 2020: .zurich

    Early Access Programs:

    • • 16 June 2020: .cyou

    General availabilities:

    • • 23 June 2020: .cyou
    • 21 July 2020: .new

    Upcoming price changes

    June promotions

    DomainOld priceNew priceStart dateEnd dateAction
    .info $19.00$3.198th of May30th of June1st year new year registrations
    .org$10.12$8.9915th of May15th of August1st year new year registrations
    .link$7.18$4.681st of May31st of December1st year new year registrations
    .click$7.18$4.681st of May31st of December1st year new year registrations
    .photo$20.18$8.681st of May31st of December1st year new year registrations
    .pics$20.18$8.681st of May31st of December1st year new year registrations
    .help$20.18$8.681st of May31st of December1st year new year registrations
    .xyz$8,18$0.681st of June30th of June1st year new year registrations
    .icu$5,18$0.991st of June31st of August1st year new year registrations
    .eu€4€1.751st of June31st of July1st year new year registrations