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Newsletter – December2019

Welcome to our December Newsletter! Holidays are near and to wrap up we can tell that it was an exciting year. We are ready to rock in 2020! Happy holidays from our Openprovider family to yours!

Looking back at a successful Top Reseller Event

In November we celebrated our 15-year anniversary with a selection of our top resellers and partners. A varied program of fun and inspiration combined with a stunning view over the river Nieuwe Maas provided a lot of connection opportunities between resellers, suppliers and the Openprovider team. Thanks to everyone who made this possible!

Do you want to meet the Openprovider team as well? Stay tuned for our upcoming events, which includes a webinar on the 16th of January 2020 and our next Lunch and Learn session early next year. Or join us at one of the industry events that you can find in the calendar below!

Product updates: price reductions, new extensions and .amsterdam changes

Price reductions
For two extensions, we can announce a price reduction:
With immediate effect, the price for .coop domains has dropped by $38 in each tier. Also we’re happy to inform you that reactivation of a deleted .coop domain is now possible in realtime.

From the 16th of December 2019, .luxury will change its price structure and greatly drop the price for new domains. The Member price for new registrations, transfers and renewals becomes $25,18; tier prices will range from $31 to $38. Note that this only applies for domains that are registered after the 16th of December 2019. Any existing domains are converted to premium domains and will be handled accordingly: renewals will be at $500.

New extensions
We have added new extensions to our system for Malta and Brazil:
The Maltese top level domain .mt is now available for registration, starting at a price of €100. Of course, the existing second level domains, and are still available.

For the Brazilian extension, we have added seventeen new second level domains, which all follow the same price and procedures as the existing (with the only exception, which has a paid transfer). The extensions that we have added are,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and

Change in quarantine policy .amsterdam
From the 13th of January 2020, .amsterdam will no longer support soft quarantine. That means that the renewal date offset for .amsterdam domains will change to 1 day: renewals or expirations will be processed one day before the registry’s expiration date. Expired domains will directly go into redemption period (quarantine) for 40 days; restore is subject to the restore fee.

Short update on Brexit and .eu domains

As for the second extension of the Brexit deadline, the proposed changes to .eu domains managed by registrants from the United Kingdom or Gibraltar have been postponed until further notice. The special Brexit page on the website of the registry will always show the most up-to-date information.

Plesk Lifecycle & EOL policy update

New technological approaches that Plesk is now uses making it easier for Plesk partners and customers to always be on the latest software version. With the launch of Obsidian, Plesk is ending the era of upgrades and introduces a monthly release cycle, which comes with the next benefits:

– No need to upgrade or migrate to a new major version each year
– Immediate access to new features or improved existing ones
– Constantly patching potential security vulnerabilities
– Boosted speed and performance
– Protection of user’s data

More information about the changes made in the new Plesk Lifecycle and End-Of-Life (EOL) policy is available here.

SpamExperts extension for Plesk

If you are using both Plesk and SpamExperts then you should be aware about SpamExperts extension for Plesk, which allows managing your spam filters directly from Plesk hosting panel.
Here is a full guide on how to configure the extension for both server OS:
– Linux
– Windows

In order to manage your filters via SpamExperts extension for Plesk our support team will need to configure sub-admin account for you in SpamExperts cloud. Once sub-admin account is created we will provide you with SpamExperts API access credentials that are required to finish the setup of the SpamExperts extension for Plesk. Once setup is done you’ll be able to create and manage your spam filters directly from Plesk.

Please note that in order to use SpamExperts extension for Plesk Onyx \ Obsidian it has to be purchased either from Openprovider or directly from Plesk extension catalog.
One of Openprovider core values is knowledge equals power. We read and exchange a lot internally, and like sharing. Here is the list of interesting books and articles that caught our attention this month.
Ethos Capital to Acquire Public Interest Registry from the Internet Society.

Upcoming industry events

– NamesCon on 29th Jan 2020 12:00:am to 1st Feb 2020 1:00:am, at Omni Hotel
– Webwinkel Vakdagen on 29th Jan 2020 11:30:pm to 30th Jan 2020 12:30:am, at Jaarbeurs
– Domain Pulse on 20th Feb 2020 11:30:pm to 21st Feb 2020 12:30:am, at Innsbruck, Austria
– ICANN 67 on 7th Mar 2020 12:00:am to 12th Mar 2020 1:00:am, at Cancún
– CloudFest on 14th Mar 2020 12:00:am to 19th Mar 2020 1:00:am, at Europa Park
– DENIC General Assembly on 22nd Apr 2020 12:00:am to 22nd Apr 2020 1:00:am, at Frankfurt am Main

Updates to the new gTLDs

.luxury will move to a new platform on the 16th of December 2019. As a result, all authorisation codes will be reset.

– 13 January: .new

General Availabilities:
– 17 december: .madrid

Upcoming price changes

– 18 November: .coop
– 16 December: .luxury
– 1 January: Afilias
– 13 January: .uk
– 17 March: MMX
– 1 July 2020, 2021: .club



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