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Newsletter – February 2020

Love is in the air!

It’s February – the month of love and happiness to celebrate the spirit of togetherness with your loved ones. So, let’s celebrate the spirit of love on the special days with our Lovely promotion.

Webinar Roadmap 2020

On Thursday the 16th of January 2020 we conducted our webinar session with over 200 participants online where we talked about what has happened in the field of domains, SSL certificates, Plesk, Virtuozzo and SpamExperts!

Click here to view the webinar!

Price changes .uno, .ro and .pe

We are happy to announce price reductions for all customers on Romanian and Peruvian domain names. Furthermore, .uno will change registry operator and increase the price of new domains. The price changes are the following:

  • From the 12th of February 2020, .ro (Romania) domains will be charged in euros instead of US dollars and the tier prices will reduce to €27,50 to €34,50 depending on your tier. This is a price reduction of around 50%. The restore price will increase from USD 65 to EUR 65. Our Supreme Members can find their prices in their control panel. This change applies to the .ro second level domains as well:,,,,,,,,, and
  • From the 12th of February 2020, .pe (Peru) domains will drop $4,25 in price for all customers, both tier customers and Supreme Members.
  • .uno has been acquired by Radix Registry. On the 3rd of March 2020, they will migrate the extension to another registry platform and increase the price by $5,00. This price increase will be forwarded to our Member and tier prices. The restore fee will increase from $45 to $65. Domains registered before the 3rd of March will be converted to “premium” domains (with, in fact, a lower price) and charged as such until they are deleted and re-registered at the new price. From technical point of view, the authorisation codes will be reset and more IDN languages will be supported.

All the changes above apply to new registrations, transfers and renewals of standard domains, unless stated differently. Premium domains may be charged a different fee.

Small changes to .tw, .ca and .so

Over the last weeks, the following small changes have been implemented:

  • The soft quarantine period for .so (Somalian) domains and the second level domains, and has been reduced to 2 days. After the soft quarantine, the domain is pushed to redemption period and can be restored for 4 days.
  • We have introduced a soft quarantine period of 40 days for .ca (Canadian) domains; this means that .ca domains can be restored without additional charges for a period of 40 days after their expiration.
  • .tw (Taiwanese) domain names simplified their transfer process. After initiating the transfer with an authorisation code, the domain holder will receive an e-mail with a link to confirm the transfer. As soon as he clicks this link, the transfer will be completed.

Changes in trustee service for .sk domains

The Slovakian registry has opened its .sk extension for all residents of the European Union. As a result, the trustee service that was included by default will become optional as from tomorrow.

During the registration process of a .sk domain you can choose whether or not to use the trustee service. If you want to use it, nothing changes. If you want to register the domain on the real domain holder’s name (who should be a resident of the European Union), then ensure that you have filled in the company registration number (for companies and organisations) or the passport number (for private individuals) in the owner’s handle.

The price of the trustee service is €3,00 per year. The price for a domain that is not using the trustee service drops with €3,00.

You can update any .sk domain that currently uses the trustee service through the Openprovider system by disabling the checkbox. Ensure that you have filled in the required data in the owner contact.

How will RDAP affect resellers and end users?

A side-note of just three words in the webinar presentation caused quite a few questions by the participants: we expect more details about the “sunset of whois” in 2020. This, of course, is related to the introduction of the new “registration data access protocol” (RDAP) that will replace the whois protocol.

In June, we have blogged about the generics and features of RDAP. But what is expected for resellers and end users? Will they have to change their scripts and procedures?

First of all, a very quick recap of the difference between whois and RDAP. Whois is a textual representation of the domain registration data, formatted by each registry to its likings. There are similarities, but also many differences. RDAP is not a representation of data, RDAP is the data itself. RDAP returns registration data in a structured way.

Although no-one can predict the future, we believe that little will change for the incidental user. Registry’s websites and online whois tools will parse the RDAP data in a human-readable format, which probably resembles the current whois format pretty well. In Openprovider, our whois page will be replaced by a page that shows the same information, though formatted from RDAP data.

Resellers that currently use whois in a structural, frequent way, for example scripted in their own applications, will love the uniformity and flexibility that RDAP will bring. Instead of writing parsers for every registry (and adapting them at any small change), one parser is required – and that one parser can handle all extensions.

Back to the three words that led to the questions: “sunset of whois”. No date is set yet, this is still under discussion. The remark in the webinar was, that we expect more clarity about that in the course of 2020. According to the latest information available, ICANN proposes a sunset period of 5 years – 5 years before the whois will be shut down definitely. We believe this is a really long time and it can be shorter. Whatever will be decided, there will be more than enough time to adapt to the changes.

Upcoming industry events

  • Domain Pulse from the 20th-21st February, in Innsbruck (Austria)
  • ICANN 67 from the 7th-12th of March, in Cancún (Mexico)
  • CloudFest from the 14th-19th of March, in Europa Park (Rust, Germany)
  • DENIC General Assembly on 22nd April, in Frankfurt am Main (Germany)

Updates to the new gTLDs


  • 10 February: .gay

Upcoming price changes

  • 13 February: .pe, .ro, .sk
  • 24 February: .fans
  • 3 March: .uno
  • 17 March: MMX
  • 1 July 2020, 2021: .club

February promotions

DomainOld priceNew priceStart dateEnd dateAction
.shop $24.18$1.181st March31st March1st year new year registrations
.org $10.12$8.991st January31st March1st year new year registrations
.eu $4$115th January15th March1st year new year registrations
.art $9.18$2.181st February31st October1st year new year registrations
.icu $5.18$1.181st March30th June1st year new year registrations

Upcoming promotions

DomainOld priceNew priceStart dateEnd dateAction
.shop $24.18$1.181st March31st March1st year new year registrations
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