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Newsletter – July 2020

It’s celebration time!

It’s celebration time! It’s been a very important month for us. We have reached the 2 million domains registered with us milestone, and we are also launching our redesigned RCP. July has brought many reasons to celebrate. And we have more news & promotions to share with you before we catch up again on September, due to Summer holidays in August.

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2 million domains managed with Openprovider

A couple of weeks ago, along with SIDN and reseller Robohost, we celebrated reaching the 6 millionth registered .nl domain and today we’re proud to announce that a new .nl domain name registration has given us another reason to celebrate.

At Openprovider we are glad to share we have reached a very important milestone in our history. On Tuesday, July 7th, 2020 we have reached 2 million domains administered with us, with the registration of, through our reseller EKKSOL Digital Commerce.

Recently, EKKSOL Digital Commerce decided to consolidate all domains and products under the same provider, “I wanted all my domains and SSL certificates in one place. The membership feature made me choose Openprovider”, mentioned George Ekkelenkamp, CEO at EKKSOL Digital Commerce.

Our focus on improving the quality of our products and services has made a positive impact on increasing the number of domains managed with us, thus helping to reach this milestone this month.

We have reached this goal thanks to each and every customer who has chosen us, and to our team members for their continuous hard work and effort on achieving the objective of giving high-quality service and support while offering the best solutions to our customers.

By making it as simple and easy as possible for our customers, so they can focus on other relevant managing tasks, and by offering competitive prices on our products and services, domains at cost-price through our membership plans, great promotions, and outstanding support, we will always work towards achieving excellence and consequently, reach more milestones like this. Stay tuned for the next one!

.NL reaches 6 million registrations

Last Thursday, June 18th, 2020, the .nl domain reached the 6 million registered domain names milestone with the registration of the 6 millionth registered .nl domain by Cindy Woesthuis, entrepreneur & founder of Act in Move Training, a coaching & yoga company in Neede, Netherlands.

To celebrate this milestone, SIDN representatives, together with Openprovider, .nl registrar and Robohost, reseller company, surprised Cindy Woesthuis with cake, flowers, and champagne.

I have been teaching yoga for over five years now. I want others to also feel what I feel with yoga. My mission flowed from that thought: bringing as many people as possible into contact with yoga. That does not mean that everyone should fully immerse themselves in teaching and science. What I want to achieve is that people experience and become acquainted with yoga. And that, based on that experience, they can conclude for themselves whether or not yoga suits them”, mentions Cindy about the goal she has in mind with her company.

Yoga has been an important part of Act in Move for years, the company of Cindy and her husband Jeroen Woesthuis. Their next step was to register a stand-alone website via the domain name, to make this part of their company more visible. They selected this domain name to symbolize the gathering of people who practice yoga.

Having my own website contributes to my ultimate goal. Via the website, I can radiate my mission and share music, online lessons, photos, recipes, poems, knowledge, and audio files with my target group. In this way, people are also introduced to yoga online. I also have more ideas for the website. I have contacts in Nepal, for example, because I visited the country as a co-teacher during a Yoga culture trip. I would like to sell things that people make in Nepal for them through my own site.”, Cindy concludes.

The .nl domain is the fifth largest country domain in the world, 64% of all Dutch websites are a .nl website. The Netherlands has more than 1 domain name per 2 inhabitants and approximately 850,000 new names are registered annually. In addition, .nl is also one of the safest and most successful domains in the world.

Openprovider is a .nl accredited registrar since 1997 and was the registrar of the 5-millionth registered .nl domain name, as well. Aside from .nl, Openprovider is also an accredited registrar for over 54 ccTLD and 123 gTLD and invests in connecting to new registries continuously.

The lowest prices in the domain industry, and domains at cost-price through our membership plans, a flawless & timely service & support, and the expertise accumulated throughout over 16 years in this industry are major reasons why working with Openprovider is the best choice.

The new design of our Reseller Control Panel is now available.

We are happy to inform you that the release of RCP 1.5 is now available. To start testing, log in to RCP and you will see the invitation to switch to the new design on the top of your screen. 

To switch back to the old interface, use the top button or the user menu in the top right corner. 

We want to know as much as possible about your experience, so we can learn from you how we can improve. Please share your feedback through the feedback button, which you can find at the bottom right of the control panel, or through your Account Manager directly.

Here’s  the summary of the changes we have made:

New features

  • Added the detailed domain pricing as the menu item for easier access. The price details contain the start and end dates of a promotion (also available in API).
  • Added the possibility for the end customer to edit the DNS of their domain – the one-time access link can be generated via Domain Details (DNS zones) or via API. 

Bug fixes & improvements

  • Improved domain search 
  • Show/hide prices in the currency of the TLD
  • All TLDs currently in promo are marked with the Promo tag and show the normal price beside the promo price
  • Moved most of the confirmations to modal windows
  • Membership plans are merged into one page
  • Improved clarity of auto-renew setting in Domains overview
  • All product price lists, including a cost-prices price list, were moved under Prices menu
  • Improved notification center (added Payments section)
  • Added essential information to the top menu, including the username of the currently logged in user
  • Removed redundant pages

We hope you enjoy these improvements.

SOLUS IO, new product on the shelf!

We’re glad to announce we will be including new and very promising products for ISPs, MSPs, and CSPs in our control panel very soon: 

SOLUS IO is a simplified virtual infrastructure management tool that makes simple the control panel experience. With SOLUS IO you can deploy and manage virtual servers on-demand within your private server infrastructure, sell virtual servers to your customers via an intuitive self- service portal, and last but not least, you can save costs while supporting more secure and integrated workflows. Some top features and applications available are KVM Virtualization, cloud-init support, application support, user management, API documentation, intelligent backups, DNS management, lock & suspend user accounts. Also NextCloud, OpenVPN, Cloudron, PiHole, MariaDB, NGINX, and Gitlab, WordPress, Plesk & CPanel applications. It is available for Linux and Windows operating systems. Do you want to give it a try? Try it for free on website.

Introducing the single Domain DNS panel

The Openprovider single domain DNS panel allows you to delegate access to a specific DNS zone hosted on the Openprovider nameservers. The panel is great for your end users; there is no Openprovider branding or logos, and is hosted on the URL “”. A clean and simple design makes it easy to manage the DNS records of domains in your Openprovider portfolio, including on mobile devices. You can preview the panel from the “domain details” page of any domain in your portfolio which has the Openprovider nameserver group assigned to it. To provide panel access to your user, generate a unique URL with the Openprovider API. 

Visit the Knowledge Base article for more details.

Introduction to the portfolio consolidation page

It’s now even easier to transfer your domains into Openprovider and take advantage of our membership prices using our portfolio consolidation tool. All you need to provide is a list of domains and API credentials for the outgoing registrar. Our transfer robots will take care of the rest. Check out the portfolio consolidation page and click “new migration” for more details. We offer many options for consolidating your portfolio, please see our Knowledge Base to see how you can use our years of experience of domain transfers to your advantage.

Quarterly update Membership prices

One of our promises with our unique subscription based Membership model is that we forward any financial advantage, related to the included extensions, to our customers. Not partly, but completely. Every quarter we re-investigate our cost prices and adjust them if necessary.

For the third quarter of 2020 we will change prices of five of our extensions. The new prices are effective from the 8th of July 2020:

  • .ae from AED 123,70 to AED 122,53
  • .ch from CHF 4,60 to CHF 4,40
  • .de new registrations from € 3,61 to € 3,59
  • .de renewals/transfers from € 2,64 to € 2,62
  • .dk from DKK 41,93 to DKK 41,97
  • .li from CHF 4,60 to CHF 4,40

If you already have an activated Membership Plan, you will immediately profit from these lower prices from the 8th of July. If you have not yet activated your Membership Plan, this is the perfect time to do so! Log in to the Openprovider control panel and activate it immediately.

Do you want to know more about the price transparency of Openprovider? Read our blog post and learn about how we calculate our cost prices!

.place available for registration again

Have you always wanted to register your .place domain, but weren’t able to do so because of the usage requirements? Good news: the registry removed any restrictions and .place domains can be registered as any other extension now. Two years ago, registry operator Donuts partnered with the GeoNetwork company to turn .place into a unique extension that primarily aims at bringing geospatial definitions to the DNS. Each .place domain had to link to the services of GeoNetwork. Unfortunately, the number of registered domains quickly dropped after the restrictions were introduced. That may be the reason that any usage requirements have been lifted: from now on you can register a .place domain as easy as any other extension. With a Member price of just $10.18, this generic extension is a great addition in your offerings to your customers.

Simplified .ro trade procedure

On July 27, 2020, .ro registry RoTLD will simplify the trade procedure (owner change). The mandatory forms that must be sent by postal mail to the registry will no longer be required from that date on. That means that a .ro trade will rely on the authorization code only. The other aspects of the trade procedure do not change: the fee remains the same, as does the requirement of using the domain’s authorisation code. Our Knowledge Base explains the process in detail and will be updated on July 27th.

Brexit-update .eu domains

EURid confirmed that registrants from the United Kingdom can register and manage .eu domains until the end of the transition period. In other words: at least until December 31st, 2020. Closer towards the end of the year, a new statement will be published. The eligibility of UK domain holders in .eu depends on whether or not “.eu” is covered in any agreements between the European Union and the UK. EURid’s official Brexit page outlines the process that they will follow if UK registrants indeed lose their eligibility for .eu domain names.

Updates to the new gTLDs

  • .gay has published its new release plan. The current Sunrise II will run until September 4th; the Early Access Program will run from September 8th until September 15th; General Availability will start on September 16th at 16:00 CEST. Our launch calendar has been updated.
  • .zuerich has postponed its launch schedule; Sunrise is expected to start in December now (instead of July 1st), General Availability in February 2021.
  • .rugby has also postponed its launch schedule. The Landrush will end on November 6, 2020, now (instead of June 29th) and the General Availability will start on November 16, 2020 (instead of July 8th). 7 days before the General Availability, an Early Access Program will run. Find full details on our launch calendar.

Early Access Programs

  • September 8, 2020: .gay
  • September 21, 2020: .basketball

General Availabilities

  • July 21, 2020: .new
  • September 16, 2020: .gay
  • September 28, 2020: .basketball

Upcoming price changes

Summer promotions

DomainOld priceNew priceStart dateEnd dateAction
.eu€4€1.751st of June31st of July1st year new year registrations
.co /$20$21st of July31st of July1st year new year registrations
.org$10.12$8.9915th of May15th of August1st year new year registrations
.link$7.18$4.681st of May31st of December1st year new year registrations
.click$7.18$4.681st of May31st of December1st year new year registrations
.photo$20.18$8.681st of May31st of December1st year new year registrations
.pics$20.18$8.681st of May31st of December1st year new year registrations
.help$20.18$8.681st of May31st of December1st year new year registrations
.shop$37$1.181st of July31st of July1st year new year registrations
.cyou$1.99$3.681st of July31st of July1st year new year registrations
.icu$5,18$0.991st of June31st of August1st year new year registrations
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