We have a lot of good news for you

We’re already in November, it really has been an eventful year. Eventful for us as we won the prestigious Gazellen Award. But globally it has been a moving year as well. During the spring and summer, the domain registration industry has kept on growing. So we are working hard to help resellers grow their business. That’s why our Black Friday deals that will take place later this month are a good example.

Furthermore, this newsletter is full of price changes, new availability of TLDs and other interesting domain news. Read on!

FD Gazellen 2020

We are very happy to communicate that, for the 5th time in a row, Openprovider has been awarded the FD Gazellen for being one of the 772 fastest-growing companies in the West Region of the Netherlands.

The FD Gazellen Awards are prizes presented by Het Financieele Dagblad (part of FD Mediagroep) to the fastest growing companies in the Netherlands. The most important criteria to qualify for the FD Gazellen Awards is the turnover growth of at least 20% over a period of three years (2017-2019). Find more information about this event on our news section.

Change to renew, delete and restore processes

The continuous growth of our domain volumes forces us to improve our underlying processes now and then. Normally this does not affect you, apart from improved performance. On the 14th of December, however, we will make a change that does affect our API users.

On that date, we will switch the extensions that run on the CentralNic, Neustar and Donuts registry platforms to our new expiry/renewal service. Due to this change, renew, delete and restore operations will no longer generate a realtime result, but will be queued instead. As a result, the API will no longer return “ACT” as response to your query, but “REQ” (“requested”).

You may need to update your API integration to this new response. Note that in most cases, the delay will be no longer than a few seconds.

The major extensions affected by this change are .biz, .in, .online and .website, the total number is close to 300. It is important to know that we will gradually move other registry back-ends to this new service as well in the course of next year, so even if you do not manage any extensions that are part of this release, it’s important to review your API integration.

Premium price increase .fans

The .fans registry will raise the fee for renewal and transfer of premium domain names. From the 18th of March 2021, such transactions will be similarly priced as the initial registration fee. In other words: also renewals and transfers will be premium. Up to now, only the initial registration was charged the premium price.

This change only applies for domains registered after the date of the change; existing domains will continue to renew and transfer at the regular price.

Price increase .bible

On the 5th of January 2021, .bible will increase its prices by $6,00. Our Member price as well as the price in all tiers will increase by this same amount. At the same moment, all non-registered 3-character .bible domains that are currently priced at the standard fee will be converted to premium domains at a price of $375. This price applies to registration only – renewals and transfers are charged at the standard price.

Price increase .za

ZACR, the .za registry, will increase the prices for .co.za, .net.za, .org.za and .web.za by ZAR 11,50 on the 1st of April 2021. The Member price will increase to ZAR 63,25, all tier prices will change by this same amount. The new price applies to new registrations and renewals. Transfers remain free of charge, whereas the restore price does not change.

Price increase .cloud

.cloud registry Aruba S.P.A. will increase the renewal and transfer fees for .cloud on the 1st of April 2021. The new Member price for renewals and transfers will be $15,18. For non-Members, the price will increase by $7,50 in all tiers.

Also, the ongoing promotion on new registrations ($4,95 instead of $15,00) will end on that date, so this is in fact a price increase as well. From the 1st of April, the create price will be equal to the renewal price. The registry intends to launch a new promotion, but details are not available yet.

Price reduction .top

The .top registry has reduced its prices. From the 1st of January 2021, the Member price of new .top registrations will be CNY 8,50, while renewals and transfers will be CNY 25,50. Tier prices will not change.

Changes to DNSSEC support Verisign

Verisign will stop support for DNSSEC algorithm 6 (DSA-NSEC3-SHA1) and add support for DNSSEC algorithms 15 and 16 (ED25519 and ED448) on the 8th of November 2020. Domains already signed with an outdated algorithm will not be affected, until the domain is updated; at that moment, one of the supported algorithms should be selected.

Introducing domain name suggestions from the Openprovider WHMCS domain module

Make sure your customers get the most out of their domain search experience on your WHMCS system. With domain name suggestions from Openprovider, every domain search presents your customers with related domain names, potentially increasing domain sales. The Openprovider name spinning offers support for premium domains, indicating the price correctly if premium domains are configured, otherwise hiding premium suggestions. 14 languages are available to choose from, as well as the option to exclude “explicit” suggestions.

Get the latest version of the module from our GitHub page and set up Openprovider as the lookup provider according to the WHMCS documentation. Happy namespinning!

DNS Belgium introduces contact verification

As a next step in the fight against abusive domain registrations, .be registry DNS Belgium will, on the 16th of November, start contact verification on suspicious domain name registrations. If the registry receives a registration request that might be suspicious (based on multiple parameters), they will not delegate the domain immediately, but instead lead it to a landing page explaining the verification process. An example of such a landing page is available on the registry’s website.

At the same moment, the registry will send an e-mail to the domain registrant, and Openprovider will send a notification to the reseller. The registrant is asked to prove his identity to DNS Belgium. As soon as that is done, the domain will be unsuspended.

It is unlikely that your customers will be impacted by this new policy; the vast majority of registration requests is processed without any verification.

Updates to the new gTLDs

Early Access Programs

  • – 2 December: .contact

General Availabilities

  • – 9 December: .contact

Upcoming price changes

  • – 1 January: .nl
  • – 1 January: .se, .nu
  • – 1 January: .top
  • – 1 January: .ch, .li
  • – 1 January: .io
  • – 5 January: Afilias
  • – 5 January: .bible
  • – 1 February: .me
  • – 1 March: .berlin
  • – 1 April: .co.za, .net.za, .org.za, .web.za
  • – 1 April: .cloud
  • – 1 July: .club

Autumn promotions

DomainOld priceNew priceStart dateEnd dateAction
.eu€4.00€1.001st of October31st of December1st year new year registrations
.link/.click$7.18$3.181st of September31st of December1st year new year registrations
.college$42.18$8.991st of September31st of November1st year new year registrations
.africa$12.68$3.171st of October31st of December1st year new year registrations
.org$10.12$8.991st of October31st of December1st year new year registrations