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Newsletter – October 2020

Spooky time!

The leaves turn orange and yellow again so that means only one thing, Halloween is coming! We are not afraid of a little creepiness and have some impressive actions planned for these spooky days. With these offers you save extra money so you can deliver the best offer to your customers. There’s nothing scary about that, right?

Furthermore, this newsletter is full of price changes, new availability of TLDs and other interesting domain news. Read on!

Quarterly update Membership prices

One of our promises with our unique subscription based Membership model is that we forward any financial advantage, related to the included extensions, to our customers. Not partly, but completely. Every quarter we re-investigate our cost prices and adjust them if necessary.

For the last quarter of 2020 we will change prices of three of our extensions. The new prices are effective from the 14th of October 2020:

DomainsCurrent pricePrice from 14 October
.aeAED 122.53AED 121.74
.de (new registration)€3.59€3.58
.de (transfer, renew)€2.62€2.61
.dkDKK 41.97DKK 41.87

If you already have an activated Membership Plan, you will immediately profit from these lower prices from the 14th of October. If you have not yet activated your Membership Plan, this is the perfect time to do so! Log in to the Openprovider control panel and activate it immediately.

Do you want to know more about the price transparency of Openprovider? Read our blog post and learn about how we calculate our cost prices!

.cz domains moved to direct accreditation

Over the past months we have worked on our accreditation at the Czech registry, NIC.CZ. We are happy to announce that we finalised this accreditation last month and successfully moved all our domains to our own registrar account.

Having a direct accreditation provides us with direct control over your domains, faster responses in case of questions and last but not least, a greatly reduced price. This price is available now for all Members, reducing costs up to 60%.

The Member price for .cz domains is CZK 260. This price applies to new registrations and renewals; transfers remain free of charge. It is likely that this price will drop further over time, as it will be subject to our quarterly Membership cost price review.

Do you manage .cz domains at another registrar? Contact us to learn about the options and the price that we can offer you.

.lu introduces 1- and 2-character domains

The Luxembourgish registry Restena Foundation has opened its platform for the registration of short 1- and 2-character domain names. This brings 2.800 previously unavailable domains to the internet. The launch will be in 3 phases similar to the introduction of new gTLDs: a Sunrise, a Landrush and a General Availability. Applications for Sunrise and Landrush must be placed directly at the registry, while Openprovider will participate in the General Availability:

  • Sunrise: until the 2nd of October, holders of a trademark that is valid in Luxembourg and companies registered in Luxembourg can apply for their corresponding name. Application must be done through the registry’s website. The price is €750. After the application has been granted, you can transfer the domain to Openprovider.
  • Landrush: between the 2nd and the 30th of November, anyone can apply for a short domain name through an online bidding process, with a minimum bid of €100. This must also be done through the registry’s website; they will publish more information from the 19th of October here. After placing the winning bid, you can transfer the domain to Openprovider.

The General Availability will be on the 15th of December (the exact time has not yet been announced by the registry). From that moment on, everyone can register their short domains through Openprovider, as simple as any other .lu registration.

Availability of .ar top level domain

As we have informed you in our March newsletter, the Argentinian registry has opened its platform for the registration of the top level domain .ar, a very welcome addition to the existing second level domain. Unfortunately the registry closed .ar shortly after opening it.

We are happy to announce that since the 15th of September, .ar is truly available for registration. The processes are similar to those of, the price ranges from €111 to €125, depending on the tier of your Openprovider account. Domain updates are charged as well at €29. Supreme Members can find their price in the price list in the control panel.

Improvements .dk registry

By the end of September, the Danish registry DK Hostmaster has informed all domain registrants about upcoming changes to their registration system and the corresponding new version of their Terms and conditions for the right of use to a .dk domain name. At this moment, no action is required from your side (apart from understanding that a new version of the terms will apply), but we would like to highlight the anticipated changes:

  • From the 16th of November, it will be possible to register .dk domains for a period of up to 10 years. You also get the option to renew .dk domains upfront, instead of having to wait until the expiration date.
  • From that same date, the suspension period (between expiration of a domain and its deletion from the .dk zone) will reduce to 30 days instead of the current 3 months.
  • From the 1st of March 2021, we as a registrar get more control over your domain names. That means that the domain holder does no longer have to log in to the .dk self service panel to make arbitrary changes, but you can do so from within the Openprovider system, just like almost any other extension.

We will provide you with more information in our future newsletters.

Changed quarantine periods for 26 extensions

Registry UNR (formerly known as Uniregistry) has adapted the grace periods of their extensions in order to be more aligned with the other generic top level domains. Instead of having a mix of 30, 45 or even 180 days of redemption grace period and up to 30 days “pending delete” (the period after redemption period during which the domain cannot be restored anymore), they unified the settings for all their extensions.

Since the 9th of September 2020, the following extensions all have:

  • a soft quarantine period of 44 days, during which an expired domain can be restored at no additional cost;
  • a redemption period of 28 days, during which a deleted or expired domain can be restored at additional cost;
  • and a pending delete period of 5 days, during which a domain cannot be restored and is waiting to be released for new registration.

The affected extensions are:

Trademark Clearinghouse adds .com to notification services

The Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH) has extended its services by adding .com to their notifications list. Any holder of a Trademark Clearinghouse record will receive notice as soon as a domain name is registered that matches the corresponding trademark.

Do you have trademarks in your portfolio that have not yet been validated by the Trademark Clearinghouse? Then those trademarks are not eligible for the benefits of the TMCH:

  • Priority registrations as soon as a new extension launches, for example the high-interest extension .contact that is now in Sunrise period.
  • Trademark protection services, by which the trademark holder blocks a large number of domains from registration by third parties.
  • Notification services, by which the trademark holder is informed if someone registers a matching domain name.

Check our Knowledge Base for more information or contact your account manager through Order your TMCH validation through your control panel.

Until the end of November, the TMCH has a special promotion on multiyear orders: get your 3-year order at only $499 (instead of $629) and your 5-year order at only 699 (instead of $999).

Price increase .se, .nu, .berlin

The Swedish and Berlin registries have announced price increases on their extensions .berlin, .se and .nu:

  • Effective from the 1st of January 2021, the price for .se and .nu domains will increase by SEK 10,00. This price increase applies to new registrations and renewals for all customers; transfers remain free of charge. The new Member price will be SEK 110,00.
  • Effective from the 1st of March 2021, the price for .berlin domains will increase by € 3,00 for Members and tier customers for new registrations, transfers and renewals. The new Member price will be € 33,15.

Remember that you can renew your domains for a period of up to 10 years upfront. Save money by ordering multi-year renewals before the price change applies.

Price decrease .blog premiums cancelled

On very short notice, the .blog registry has informed us that they decided to cancel their planned price reduction on .blog renewals about which we informed you last month. That means that any premium .blog domain names will continue to renew at their original (higher) registration price, just as it has always been.


Updates to the new gTLDs

Registry UNR changed the soft and hard quarantine periods for their extensions, which include .hosting, .click and .help. See our dedicated item in this newsletter for more information.

.zuerich: the registry has once again postponed the launch. Sunrise is now scheduled to start at the 3rd of May 2021, while the General Availability opens on the 7th of July 2021.


  • 29 September: .contact

Early Access Programs

  • 2 December: .contact

General Availabilities

  • 9 December: .contact

Upcoming price changes

    • 1 January 2021: .se and .nu
    • 5 January 2021: Afilias
    • 1 February 2021: .me
    • 1 March 2021: .berlin
    • 1 July 2021: .club

Autumn promotions

DomainOld priceNew priceStart dateEnd dateAction
.eu€4.00€1.001st of October31st of December1st year new year registrations
.link/.click$7.18$4.181st of September30th of November1st year new year registrations
.biz$12.82$6.191st of September31st of October1st year new year registrations
.africa$12.68$3.171st of October31st of December1st year new year registrations
.org$10.12$8.991st of October31st of December1st year new year registrations
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