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Prijswijzigingen aangekondigd voor Donuts, .best, .biz, .eus, .la

Price changes announced for Donuts, .best, .biz, .eus, .la

Several registries have also announced price changes this month . As a result, Openprovider will also adjust prices.

Some prices will fall .best, .eus and .la:

  • .best will lower its price with effect from 5 August 2019. The new price for members is $ 15.18. This price reduction applies to new registrations, transfers and renewals. The price reduction does not apply to domains registered before August 5, 2019: those domains are renewed or transferred at the old price until they are deleted and re-registered in the future. Domains registered before 5 August will be treated as premium domains from that date.
  • . eus , the top domain for the Basque Country, lowers its prices on 24 June 2019. The new price for members is € 19.15. The new tier prices range from € 21.50 in tier 8 to € 25.00 in tier 1. This price change applies to new registrations, transfers and extensions and includes domains registered before 24 June.
  • .la transfers are free since May 15; the expiry date no longer changes after a transfer.

Neustar and Donuts have announced a price increase:

  • .biz will increase its price by $ 1.15 from November 1, 2019. As a result, our membership prices and all tier prices will increase with this amount. The new price for members is $ 12.83; the new tier prices will range from $ 16.08 in tier 8 to $ 20.88 in tier 1. The price for reactivation remains unchanged.
  • Portfolio registry Donuts has announced a price update for almost all of its extensions from 1 October 2019. View the details in the table below. The price changes apply to new registrations, transfers and renewals. The prices for reactivations and premium prices will not change. We have published a spreadsheet with the new prices on all levels, as well as the price change per extension to make it easy for you.