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    Premium domains at extraordinary prices

    This summer we sell extraordinary names at extraordinary prices: the registration of selected premium domain names is available with 25% discount until 30 September 2019


    The TLDs that participate in this promotion:
    Generics: .work, .vip, .casa, .country, .luxe, .nrw, .kiwi
    Geographics: .london, .miami, .boston, .bayern
    Lifestyle: .fit, .yoga, .surf, .art
    Consumer Interests: .fashion, .wedding, .cooking, .beer, .vodka, .video
    The Great Outdoors: .fishing, .garden, .horse, .rodeo
    Legal Professional: .law, .abogado


    To give you an idea of the prices, we have hand-picked some of the most interesting domains and the most interesting part is that the prices will be the same for all resellers in all tiers and all memberships.


    Domain Name1st Year Registration PriceRenewal Price$1 999,00$20,00$799,00$20,00$1 999,00$20,00$799,00$20,00$799,00$20,00$799,00$20,00$799,00$20,00$1 999,00$20,00$799,00$20,00$399,00$5,00$189,00$25,00

    So grab them while they’re hot!