Atomia Plugin


Transfer your domains in style

With Atomia, you and your customers can easily register, renew and transfer domain names.
All expected domain name-related actions are supported, including DNSSEC.

Atomia comes with built-in flexible domain name management and integrates with any registry or registrar.
It already supports a multitude of top-level domains and more can be added if necessary.

The plugin-based Atomia domain registration software lets you choose a registry or registrar for each TLD.
Support for TLDs not listed here can easily be added by using the Openprovider plugin for Atomia, with the necessary registry or registrar-specific logic.

Want to get the most out of Atomia? Come to Openprovider and let us show you around!

Please note that this plugin was not developed by Openprovider;
therefore, please contact Atomia directly should you have any questions or issues!