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SSL certificates are the way to go to keep yourself and your customers safe. Keep your data secure, verify website ownership, prevent attackers from creating fake versions of your website and gain trust.

Security is at the core of what we do and is one of the keys to succeed as a domain reseller. Want to find out more?
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We have a selection of SSL certificates to meet every one of your needs.

Wide range of SSL certificates.

Choose from a long list of SSL certificates: Domain Validation (DV), Extended Validation (EV) or Organization Validation (OV)? You name it, we’ve got it!

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We have our own modules built for WHMCS, so reselling SSL certificates to your customers is very easy and also a great way to get some extra profit.

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Your customers can access our white-label control panel to manage their SSL certificates, saving you from having to do it for them!

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Manage your products and services from our intuitive, user-friendly control panel. Hassle-free integration? You can bet on it!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why do my customers need SSL certificates?

Your customers need SSL certificates to ensure their online presence is secure and to guarantee that:

  • – Information is encrypted
  • – Their websites are protected against phishing attacks
  • – Payments can be safely processed
  • – Their search engine ranking is optimal

How do I help my customers choose an SSL certificate?

Each type of SSL certificate differs in validation depth and number of domains covered. The validation process is different for each type of certificate:

  • – Domain Validation (DV) – domain ownership needs to be provided to the certificate authority (CA).
  • – Organization Validation (OV) – as well as verifying domain ownership, the user/organization needs to submit business documents to the CA (upon request).
  • – Extended Validation (EV) – Generally, the business domain needs to be verified by the CA by checking the domain registrar’s information. After that, the CA will ask the buyer to submit the necessary business documents.

Regarding the number of domains covered:

  • – Single domain SSL
  • – Wildcard SSL – covers all the subdomains of a domain
  • – Multi-domain SSL – covers multiple domains owned by the same person or a company.

What are the benefits of having a paid certificate, knowing that I can get a free version?

Free of charge SSL certificates offer domain validation and a basic level of security – the person or company behind the certificate is not validated, which leaves room for malicious intent. It’s a great way of making the Internet a safer place; however, they require administrative work to reissue every 3 months, while paid certificates can be issued for multiple years.

From a business perspective, selling a certificate that lasts for more than 3 months helps reduce customer churn and raise the average revenue per user, while keeping your customers safe and satisfied.

How can I get the best price on SSL certificates?

Openprovider membership plans are the way to go if you want the best prices on SSL certificates and all of our other products (domains, Plesk, Spam Experts). Memberships do not limit the volume of certificates you can resell through us – you can start with our Basic membership plan and move up to Supreme as your business grows in order to increase your net profit. Want more information? Take a look at our memberships plans and find the right one for you!

Where can I learn more about SSL certificates?

You can visit our Knowledge Base and browse through our extensive list of articles on SSL certificates. Don’t forget to leave your feedback so that we can keep improving and adding more relevant information!

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