gTLDs Availability Explained

Sunrise, General Availability and Claims

Each new gTLD will begin with a period called “Sunrise” of 30 days at least. This “Sunrise” period is vital for brand owners because this way they can protect their domains before they become available to the rest of the public. After this period, the TLD allows general public to register domains, although certain restrictions may apply.
During the first 90 days of this so-called “general availability” during which anyone can register a domain, brand owners are notified if someone registers “your” domain name. As you can see, the trademark is one of the key points in the new gTLDs, in this case the Trademark Clearinghouse (Clearinghouse Trademark) will address validation of brands.


Each new TLD will begin with a period called “Sunrise” of 30 days at least.
During this period, only trademark owners can register their name for that particular TLD. The TMCH code is used to validate the brand. If there are two companies that want to register the same name of a brand, it will depends on the record on how to handle duplicate requests: The decision most likely will be in favor of the Brand that requested first, or TMCH could decide to pursue a different action altogether.
Overall, the price for registration of “Sunrise” is higher than the price during the period of General Availability, but gives you the option of being the first to register the domain.

Period of claims and general availability period

As the “Sunrise” period ends, the TLD will be open for the rest of the public, although still some restrictions (local presence, a member of the community …) may apply. This period is called “General Availability”. The first 90 days (or more, depending on registration) General Availability is known as the period of claims. During this period, each domain registration is checked against the database of the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH). If there is a brand match, the end customer will be notified and may decide whether or not to continue with the domain registration. The trademark holder is notified as soon as their Brand name is registered. The brand can then contact the registrar if they think there is a violation that has to do with his trademark.

Landrush and other stages

On this page we have the structure of Sunrise and General Availability explained as simple as possible. ICANN requires these two phases. A registry can however choose to have more phases to be built in a second or even third Sunrise to other target groups, a Landrush which are auctioned duplicate applications, and maybe more. We will inform you by extension of the phases in the deployment.