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Basic, Pro, Expert and Supreme Membership€2.98€2.98Free
Gold partner€3.50€6.95Free
Silver partner€3.95€6.95Free
Bronze partner€4.45€6.95Free
Tier 5€4.95€6.95Free
Tier 4€4.95€7.45Free
Tier 3€4.95€8.45Free
Tier 2€4.95€9.45Free
Tier 1€4.95€11.95Free
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About .nl domain

You can register a .nl domain through our API or control panel. This registration is real time and requires the following information:

  • • the domain’s contact handles (owner, administrative, etc.)
  • • two or more nameservers or a nameserver group

Please note that SIDN, does not allow the use of a Postal Box (postbus) in your contact handles and that the phone number in all contact handles needs to be valid.

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