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Plesk is the leading WebOps hosting platform that will help you to run, automate and grow applications, websites and hosting businesses.

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Why should you choose Plesk

The complete set of technical, security and automation tools in one hosting platform.

Centralised Control Panel

Build and manage multiple sites from a single dashboard. You can also run updates, monitor performance and onboard new prospects all from the same place.

Robust Site & Server Security

Broad security levels across OS, network and apps. Built into the Plesk hosting control panel core and enhanced through our class-leading security partners.

100+ Extensions

Do more with your platform as you integrate tools like DigiCert SSL, CloudLinux, Cloudflare, Atomicorp, NodeJs, PHP, NGINX, Let’s Encrypt, Git, ImmunifyAV, Backup to Cloud Pro and more.

The Ultimate Toolkit for WordPress Sites

One platform to install, update and remove instances, themes & plugins. Includes cloning, staging environment, in-built security, sync and backup/restore features.

Compatible across all platforms

The only WebOps / hosting platform that runs on all virtualization and container platforms. Plus huge cloud providers like AWS, Google, Alibaba, Azure & DigitalOcean.

Complete Flexibility and Control

You get full root access via SSH on every Plesk-powered VPS and dedicated server so you can install any third-party, open source, or application you need.

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Whats are the differences between Plesk editions?

Plesk comes in three editions – WebAdmin, Web Pro and Web Host as per the needs of different businesses and web professionals. So, you can get relevant features and tools depending on how you use it, either as an IT admin, a developer, a web hoster or a digital agency.  Find out more about Plesk editions in our Knowledge Base!

How Plesk licensing works?

Plesk provides license per server, with options available for physical and virtual servers, called dedicated and VPS (virtual private servers). Plesk also comes in different editions that are licensed by a number of domains per server.

What are the differences between VPS and Dedicated Plesk licenses?

Depending upon the operating environment in which Plesk will be running, Plesk license types are:

• VPS (Virtual Private Server licenses) can be used on hypervisor technology based virtual instances, like Xen, KVM, VMware, Virtuozzo etc.

• Dedicated server licenses can be installed on either dedicated or virtual private server.

Do you offer monthly plans?

Yes, you can order Plesk via monthly, annual or biennial plan.

Can i get money back for unused periods?

Yes, we offer refunds for all unused full months of the license term, so you can cancel anytime without losing money.

Do you charge VAT on licenses?

Depending on your location and if you entered a VAT number in your account, VAT will be charged on top of the prices present on the page. For more information please refer to our KB article.


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