Why choose SpamExperts?

Professional email security platform

Save on maintenance costs

No need to spend time of your IT personnel to support open source solution. Save on infrastructure costs to run it. SpamExperts is a cloud service available and monitored 24 \ 7.


Protect your customers & yourself

Protect your organization and your customers from ransomware, phishing and other cyberthreats. Protect your organization from customers sending spam from your web host network.


Pay per domain

Bulk protect your mail infrastructure and pay a fraction of what you’ve paid before with other email security service


Integrate, automate, delegate

Automate your offering via API and delegate managing of the domain or filter to the end customer. Give your customers self service to finetune and train email filtering system.


Make profit

Bundle email security into your offering, your service or hosting package.

For whom?

Shared Web Hosts

and hosting businesses


Save on maintenance costs

and become more efficient

Protect your customers from cyberthreats

and help them feel safe

Bundle email security

and add more value with your hosting plan

Offer mail security as addon

and make profit

Protect from customers sending spam

and protect your network from blacklisting

Service providers

and digital agencies


Bundle email security

and add more value to your service

Protect your customers

from ransomware, phishing and other cyberthreats

Pay per domain

and charge per mailbox

Provide self-service

by delegating management & support


SMBs & large businesses


Protect organization from spam

and other cyberthreats

Pay per domain

and control your expenses

Keep email archive

and stay legally compliant

Control over email flow

and ensure full transparency



Outgoing filter
€0.99/moBest for
Web Hosts
  • Protect your brand and infrastructure
  • Avoid severe fines
  • Avoid IP blacklisting
  • Improve abuse manageability
Email archiving
€2.99/moBest for
Organizations & businesses
  • Back up company data
  • Stay legally compliant
  • Improve IT system performance
  • Easily access company archives

*Price is available for Openprovider members



Functionality, features & more

Protect your clients’ inboxes from spam, viruses, phishing, harvesting and other malicious threats. The clustered solution adds another redundancy layer to your network. SpamExperts manages the software and monitors all servers and services 24×7 to proactively fix any issues that might occur.


SpamExperts uses an advanced proprietary IP-reputation system, combined with a large number of message content classifiers. Incoming email filters have an industry leading rate of nearly 100% filtering accuracy with a very low false-positive rate.


The incoming anti-spam system adds another failover layer to your infrastructure. If your client’s destination mail server is down, the inbound filter will still accept messages and queue them. They will be automatically redelivered, and can be web-based previewed by clients while working.


SpamExperts solution helps you save the infrastructure and human resource costs needed to maintain open source solutions.

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IP reputation

By properly filtering all outbound spam, viruses and malicious attachments which would have otherwise left your network, you assure a solid IP reputation and avoid blacklisting issues, costs, and annoyances.

Company reputation

Blacklisting prevention does not only secure your IP, but your company’s reputation as well. Your organization and network will be regarded as trustworthy and safe.

Continuous mail delivery

Securing your IP reputation and timely locking down compromised accounts assures delivery of your outbound email. There is nothing more frustrating, time consuming, and expensive than undelivered email to the recipients’ inboxes, due to low network reputation.

Abuse manageability

SpamExperts outbound filtering solution allows you to automatically lock compromised accounts and/or quickly respond to ARF reports, generated by SpamExperts systems, on detected abuse from your network.

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Archive email on the highly secured SpamExperts Hosted Cloud, with various failover and other redundancy mechanisms spread out over different clusters.


Offering professional compliance services is a real money-making tool and reduces the total cost of e-discovery. SpamExperts helps with various hashing and encryption technologies. Archived emails are always stored in an encrypted and compressed format and are easy to retrieve in a migratable and open format.

Data redundancy

Two methods of storing your archived data available. Encrypted and compressed archives can be striped or mirrored and stored on multiple storage servers, providing maximum data redundancy.


Even if your destination mail server is down, SpamExperts system will continue to archive emails for you. Decide for yourself how long you want to archive your messages for.

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Frequently asked questions

How to configure incoming spam filter?

Just order spam filter via our control panel and point your MX records to SpamExperts servers in the DNS zone of your domain. Check out our step-by-step guide in our Knowledge Base!

Which MX records should i use?

There are three MX servers that SpamExperts expose for public that should be configured in the DNS zone of the domain:

  • mx.spamexperts.com (priority 10)
  • fallbackmx.spamexperts.eu (priority 20)
  • lastmx.spamexperts.net (priority 30)

More details available in our Knowledge Base articles.

Can i manage filtering without logging into Openprovider control panel?

Yes, once you register a filter on a domain in Openprovider control panel you get username & password for SpamExperts white-label panel that allows to manage and finetune filter without logging to Openprovider control panel.
Check our Knowledge base article for more details.

How do i check that my mailservers are working correctly?

You can always simulate mail delivery via command line, no matter which OS you are using. Check our Knowledge base article for more details.

How many domain aliases can i configure?

You can configure an unlimited number of domain aliases for a domain filter. Check our Knowledge base article for more details.