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SSL Certificates

Certificates of market-leading brands to ensure security of websites and servers


SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer and ensures that the data flow between the website and the visitor is not readable by others.Confidential information customers send to a website (such as passwords, personal data and credit card information) may be stolen.Hackers are getting smarter; Websites are copied making it appear that you are but is in fact on the right web site to a fake website which you give away sensitive information to criminals. SSL gives Web site identity.

SSL is for IT People, Trust is for Customers. Trust from start to finish: Trust the link, Trust the site, Trust the transaction.

Types of SSL Certificates

ev icon

Extended Validation
In addition to the validation of the domain itself, the applicant is required to send additional documentation to the issuer and there is personal contact.

ov icon

Organization Validation
In addition to validating the domain, it reassures that the organization exists as a legal entity.

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Domain Validation
Ownership of the domain is verified by e-mail, checking DNS zone or a TXT file of the server.

Wildcard icon

Default SSL Certificates are assigned to a single subdomain. A Wildcard certificate protects all subdomains under a single domain.

Multi Domain
Allows multiple domains and sub-domains with a single certificate, provided they have the same owner in the whois

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