Virtuozzo is a management system for OS virtualization, a technique for configuring several independent virtual servers on a single physical server.

Virtuozzo connects several separate containers on a physical server. These virtual environments can be independent services that use different operating systems, to provide the highest level of compaction, operation, and ease of management. Virtuozzo can create and manage new environments in seconds, offering reliability, performance and profitability.

The Virtuozzo set of management tools can minimize your operating costs and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Virtuozzo is used worldwide by hundreds of enterprises to run over 5 million virtual environments with essential workloads.

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Advantages of Virtuozzo

Unlimited Virtual Server Space

Manage a large number of Virtual Private Servers (VPS) on a single physical server.

Maximize the Value of your Investments

Reduce the operating costs of both software and hardware.

Get Downtime to Near Zero

Virtual servers have almost no downtime compared to physical servers.

Control Resources in Real Time

Control virtual private servers in real-time without reconfiguring or rebooting.

Use your licenses Intelligently

Software licenses can be used on multiple virtual servers.

Virtuozzo and Openprovider

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