Innovative Control Panel

With an account at Openprovider you can manage all your domains, SSL certificates and other products and services in one place. This offer is ideal for those with multinational domain management needs, such as enterprise IT services, e-commerce business, hosting services, and more.

Domain Registration

Before trying to register your domain, use our search tool to see if it is available. If so, enter your personal information, and indicate whether the domain is registered in your own DNS or Openprovider’s DNS. We will then complete the transaction with the appropriate registry and send you confirmation.

SSL certificates

To request an SSL certificate, complete the CSR (Certificate signing request) from your own server. Fill in the details immediately after completing the CSR. The information entered will be sent in real time to the CA (Certificate Authority). If for example you order a QuickSSL certificate, you can perform validation of the order via email and receive the SSL Certificate immediately. With other SSL certificates, the process can take a little longer because more documentation will be required.


From the Control Panel you can see all your registered domains, SSL certificates, Plesk and Virtuozzo licenses – in fact any product you have bought from us. Changes to a domain will be sent to the registry in real time. We will notify you in advance when a domain’s expiration date approaches. We also offer the option of automatic renewal.