Openprovider API

With the Openprovider API you have access to your Openprovider account and all our products and services without using our control panel. The API provides a connection between Openprovider and any of your systems, such as an intranet, administrative system or ordering system. Your customers and you can place orders in Openprovider using your own website.

All Inclusive

The Openprovider API offers access to all our products. You can integrate it into your system to perform any actions accessible through the Control Panel: Register domains, purchase SSL certificates, and request licenses for Plesk, Virtuozzo, or spam filters.

In this way, your customers and you can benefit from the prices and services of Openprovider while still using the interface that best suits you, saving time and resources.


The Openprovider API works with XML: You send your request to our server and receive a response XML in real time. We provide an extensive PHP class for fast integration.


If you already use EPP for other registries, you can use EPP  for Openprovider as well to register domains.