Is your domain portfolio
at risk?

Many hosting companies are being absorbed
by private equity companies only interested
in making money.

What does that mean for your domain portfolio?

The deal of a lifetime

At Openprovider, security is at the core of what we do
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On top of that, pay what we pay for both
new domain registrations and renewals.

Our .NL price just happens to be the lowest on the market: 3.05 €.

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Your domains are your most valuable asset
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By having one registrar manage your domains,
you will be in control at all times and avoid depending on
hosting companies and overpaying.

You will be in good hands,
as our domain transfer specialists
have already conducted over 300 .nl bulk transfers!


Why transfer to Openprovider?

Over 8,000 resellers already put their trust in us!

Join the family

We are one of the top 3 registrars
in the Netherlands with +16 years of experience

Stay in control

Your domains may already be registered with us. Why not get rid of the private equity companies that want to steal your hard earned profit?

Trust is everything to us

 Don’t pay for a membership plan until the transfer has finished securing your portfolio. Have a change of heart? Leave at any time!

Expertise in bulk domain transfers

 Fast & efficient bulk domain transfers starting from 15 domains and above.

Customizable marketing toolkits

 Promote your top TLDs in style.

Wide range of 3rd party integrations

From our products and services to our plugins (WHMCS, HOSTBILL, Blesta, CloudBlue), we have everything you need.

Our membership guarantee

Purchase and renew top .NL domains
at cost price and transfer them for free

One invoice to rule them all

✓ Reliable support on a global scale (rated 9.5/10)

✓ Manage your whole portfolio from a single platform / API


We are here to help

Would you like more information
about transferring your domain portfolio to us or
do you have any additional questions?

How about taking a look at our domain transfer process?